Trillium Awards

Trillium Heritage Awards

Is there an exceptional historic home in your neighborhood? Maybe it sets the tone for your street. Consider nominating it for the 2017 Trillium Heritage Award!

The Shoreline Historical Museum sponsors the Trillium Heritage Award to recognize outstanding examples of historic architecture in the communities of Lake Forest Park, North Seattle and Shoreline. The purpose of the Award is to raise awareness of the community’s past, as well as encourage excellence in maintenance and perpetuation of historic buildings in accordance with their original style. Nominated buildings can be anything from modest homes to commercial structures. Award recipients, one in each of the three cities, are given a certificate and a plaque suitable for display on the outside of their building.

The criteria for the Trillium Heritage Award are:

Must be a building/property with an address in one of the three communities of:

Lake Forest Park
North Seattle (north of 85th)

Must have been built prior to December 31, 1940
Must be a building maintained in accordance with its original style.

Anyone can make a nomination for any property that meets the criteria listed.  Valid nominations must have the signature of the property owner(s) too.

Nomination forms must be completed and turned in to the Museum by August 31 of this year.  The three Trillium Heritage Awards will be presented at the annual meeting of the Museum in November. Contact 206-542-7111 for your Trillium Heritage Award nomination form today.

2017 awards will be awarded at the Annual Meeting in November.

Get the Trillium Award Nomination form here Trillium Nomination Form PDF